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EventStable offers a wide variety of wholesale folding chairs for any event. Whether you buy folding chairs for your rental company, event venue, hotel or church, you can count on every chair to be commercial-grade quality and party rental proven.

We make ordering a breeze by offering free shipping on most folding chairs. Just meet minimum order quantities to qualify. Also, make sure to check out our folding chair packages, which include storage carts and covers and ship free.


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With large variety of wholesale folding chairs for sale, we're sure you'll find just what you need at  We offer commercial folding chairs for just about any application.  Whether you have a party rental company and need plastic folding chairs for graduations or you run an event venue and need white wood folding chairs for weddings, you can count on us to provide the expert advice to set you up properly, and the customer service to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.  

New to the business, but in the market?  Check out our Ultimate Folding Chairs Buyers Guide for help deciding the right chairs for your needs.  

Plastic Folding Chairs

Often called samsonite plastic folding chairs, these are the bread and butter of any rental company.  Ours have been SGS tested for strength and durability, so you can have confidence that your folding party chairs will hold up over time. They're available in a wide variety of colors, including the popular white folding chairs, so stock up today.  


Resin Folding Chairs

We offer resin folding chairs in several different colors beyond just white and black, to fit any venue needs.  Like our poly chairs, our resin folding chairs have been tested to hold excess amounts of weight for your peace of mind during events.  

Looking for the perfect chairs for weddings?  Wow your brides (and their moms) with beautiful new padded wedding chairs.  Our wholesale white resin folding chair has proven to be a favorite!


Wooden Folding Chairs

While resin chairs have become more popular in white and black, you just can't beat the warmth of wooden folding chairs, particularly for outdoor events.  Tested and proven in our own rental company, wood folding chairs can become one of the most profitable items in your rental inventory, or the deciding factory in a couple choosing your venue for their wedding.  


Metal Folding Chairs

The most popular choice for schools and institutional use, metal folding chairs are strong and dependable.  Pair chairs with a hanging chair dolly with wheels for easy set up an break down for any indoor event. 



Bamboo Folding Chairs

Bamboo chairs are great for themed parties and outdoor events.  They're surprisingly comfortable, and as a specialty chair can give you a quick return on your investment, especially for those seeking cheap folding chairs.  


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If you have questions about any of our folding chairs or if you want to talk to us about how to buy folding chairs in bulk, please don't hesitate to contact us.  You'll speak with a knowledgeable representitive who will be happy to help.  Not seeing what you need or have a suggestion for a product we should carry?  Just let us know.  


Folding Chairs for Events - Video Transcript

Hey there, Will with EventStable. I'm standing in front of some of our most popular folding chairs for events. EventStable carries one of the largest folding chair selections available online. We have our own house brand of commercial-grade folding chairs, many of which we've used in our own California-based party rental company.

In addition to that, we carry a line of folding chairs from a variety of manufacturers, so we are confident that you'll be able to find the best folding chair for your party rental company, event venue, hotel, school, or place of worship here at EventStable.  Click to read more

Plastic folding chairs are the bread and butter of just about any party rental company. They're great for weddings, concerts, just about any event that you can think of. They're really easy to set up and then take down. They nest very closely together and take up very little storage space. Then most importantly, they are exceptionally strong.

Resin folding chairs are made to look exactly like wood folding chairs and are a nice upgrade to the plastic. They are terrific for wedding ceremonies, an absolute must to have for your wedding venue or your party rental company. Again, they fold up very easily, are very, very easy to clean, and take up very little storage space. Wood folding chairs, an event essential. We have them available in five finishes and colors. Again, they have a padded seat. They're built to the same specifications as the resin folding chairs so they take up very little space, easy to transport, and just really look terrific at just about any event.

Metal folding chairs are terrific for very, very large assemblies. You'll see them most often at schools and event facilities. We have them available in a variety of different colors and then with several options as well, so from just a plain steel chair, vinyl upholstery or fabric upholstery.

Lastly, we have the bamboo folding chair. They're terrific for themed events and are surprisingly comfortable. In addition to the folding chairs, and you won't want to forget them, we offer a variety of storage and the person systems. Need replacement parts? We have those as well, feet caps and padded seats just to name a few.

To top it off, we offer free shipping on all of these chairs. Just meet minimum order quantities or combine with tables for orders over $2,000 to qualify. Just look for the free shipping icons on each product page. Thanks for stopping by to see the selection of folding chairs here at EventStable. We do look forward to serving you. Thanks.