Well I bought a house, finally. The trigger was the very unfortunate death of my landlord. Terry was a great landlord and a good person and his untimely death due to cancer was horrible. His wife notified me that the house had to be liquidated to a trust fund per the will. Since my Lady and I had to move I decided to see if I could qualify for a purchase. Nancy, my new landlady, graciously gave us 4+ months notice.

I started the search at the end of August 2005 for financing. Once I discovered that I qualified Kathy, my lady, and I began the search. ... Click to read more

Maintaining web pages, content and special media types can become a huge time sink. This is especially true when everything is done in pure HTML. Using a design tool helps initially but maintaining content, revisions, file uploads, etc. becomes almost impossible with such a tool. In theory CMS (Content management system) rescues us from all of that. In practice a CMS really provides a platform allowing the site administrator and users to focus on content first and worry about presentation a bit later.

There are many excellent CMS available and they are very powerful. ... Click to read more