I performed a server update (via Yum on CentOS 5) today and found that SVN viewing via "Redmine":http//www.redmine.org failed. I also received a number of cron-related emails indicating a connection problems.
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The solution for this was trickier than I expected. ... Click to read more

SVN is not always intuitive and its errors are often even less so. Such was my experience when I tried to restore a file that have been accidentally deleted many revisions ago. The normal process spoken of is to simply copy the file from the old revision into the current revisions. The first step is to find the file:

svn log --verbose

Then scan for the file revision where the file was removed. Let’s say the file was canfield.conf, we look for the D operation on canfield.conf in the log, then we know the prior version contains the file we want. ... Click to read more