Blackberry 8800, Palm TX, Bluetooth, Internet and T-Mobile

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  • This setup worked for me as of 2007-04-13 from the Seattle area of Washington, USA.
  • I suspect getting a Linux or Mac laptop to connect over Bluetooth will be basically the same process but I am out of time for that today.
  • This web site is being migrated soon and is in a READ ONLY mode.

Drupal 5 changes the way the cookie domain is calculated. If you are using ports to direct traffic to systems behind a firewall (or for whatever reason) Drupal 5 will errantly add the port to the cookie domain. As far as I can tell the RFC that specifies how sessions are maintained (RFC 2109) does not allow port specifications. The PHP code used in Drupal 5 does NOT strip ports from the cookie_domain. The solutions I found are:

1. Comment or disable the code in session.php that modifies the cookie_domain. This makes it work somewhat like it did in Drupal 4.x from what I can tell.
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