Thomas Quickstad, better know as Dr. Tom, is a dentist local to the Issaquah, WA area. Dr. Tom had a number of changes he wanted done to his static site and also wanted to have his staff contribute content and patients to have a way to interact with him online. We decided to switch from the static site to a simple out-of-the-box Drupal site to provide a very quick turn around time, low initial cost and maximum flexibility. Canfield Research Group configured the Drupal system, DNS, SSL certificates, IMAP email (other services we offer) and trained the office staff so 99% of the site could be administered by Dr. Tom and his staff.

There are a number of features being tested including new themes, secure online-patient forms, per-staff blog entries and others. Expect to see this come online over the next few weeks and months. The beautiful thing about Drupal is you can start NOW and tweak later. This can really help move a site rapidly from idea to implementation and keep excitement and momentum going.

Dr. Tom is using the CMS-Loci service, managed by Canfield Research Group, to host, maintain and monitor the site. CMS-Loci is a fully managed Drupal service that supports a large array of 3rd party modules. For more information on CMS-Loci contact us.