Many business are too small to afford a full time experienced technologist and too large to ignore trends in software, hardware or networking. Canfield Research Group can help. Everything from helping you select the most effective hardware to planning networking, upgrades, backups and migration from old systems.

Most business pay far too much for their hardware and software. They may be getting an acceptable level of technology for the money spent but often purchase far too much technology for their needs. If basic office production is all that is being done is a 3.8 Ghz with 2 GB RAM and a Niveda 3D card really needed? The difference in costs can easily be a factor of 2 or more. Software is a similar issue. Does every system need MS Office Pro?

The next common mistake made is under purchasing of key components. For example spending an extra $200 for 10% more CPU may seem like a great idea especially compared to spending $120 for a power supply when others can be found for $40. In many cases spending that extra money on the CPU is a waste of time and money! Without a strong and reliable power supply to go along with it. Of all the hardware systems failures Canfield Research Group deals with the most common one by far is related to bad, failing or under performing power supplies. Computers are tightly coupled pieces of equipment and properly specifying components is the key to getting the most powerful, reliable and productive system for your needs without wasting money.

Canfield Research Group will work with you to fully understand your needs today, help you estimate what they will be tomorrow and work with you to create a reasonable specification for hardware and software. You can then purchase the hardware from any source you desire or we can obtain the hardware for you.

Once you have the hardware and software Canfield Research Group can help you set it, configure it and train you in basic emergency repairs and procedures. Or you can choose to have us do everything while you enjoy you weekends. Although we encourage our clients to take an active role in maintaining their computers, it leads to less down time and many dollars saved, we recognize that not everyone has the time or inclination to take on even basic computer first aid training.

It’s your choice. We work for you.