Stirling Foods wanted a number of changes done to their static web page. The web pages were designed using a web-design tool that left the pages hard to maintain and extend. Canfield Research Group quickly added capabilities to the existing web site. The site needed to be updated very quickly so migration to a Content Management System was not feasible.

  • Press Releases were shown on a single static page. The new page presents the latest press release followed by a table showing past releases. The page is built dynamically from easy to write template files.
  • Recipe pages were also static and had become quite long and convoluted. The same tool used for press releases was modified to to also format and display recipes.
  • The on line store was used a stock shopping cart that was not well suited to Stirling’s product. Most customers order a number of individual items from Stirling at one time and wish to see all the selections at once. Customers also wanted an on line confirmation of their order which the old system lacked. A new shopping cart was fitted to Stirling’s store that accomplished that as well as adding additional features and security.
  • Finally the needed to move the site to a new hosting company while retaining all DNS and old domain names. Using our own DNS and Web servers to buffer the transition the migration was done quickly with no down time.

All of this was done quickly, documented extensively and provided a rapid return on investment. Contact us for help in adding back-end capabilities to your existing site.