Congratulations to all who worked on Soundsnap. The site launched this morning with approx 30,000 sound samples, all free for use. It streams previews using MP3, and the original high quality sounds are available as WAV or AIFF. Check it out!

Canfield Research Group provided the following technologies:

  • A revamped audio module capable of much finer grained control over theming
  • Support for new players based on the mime type
  • The CRG transcoder which converts files from one type to another on-demand and in batch mode with complete job control
    • Created the MP3 for all the sounds
    • Created the waveform images using custom code
  • Created new modules for altering the order of search results
  • Provided new tools for theme designers given them much finer grained control
  • A module for creating rounded corners dynamically that work in all known browsers
  • Training and examples for complex theme issues
  • Server configuration including SVN repository, multiple test sites, DNS, etc.
  • And much more