FloorPlan does not an angled wall to be directly created. One can be simulated by using the roof tool. This page summarizes how to create an sloped wall, for a full discussion see Roof Rules (aka The Way of the Roof).

See also page 95-97 of Mastering FloorPlan v8.2 available from for an similar method.

  • While multiple sloped walls can often be created per location and even created on the same location as other walls I do not recommend it. The roof tool applies to all exterior walls on a location so great care must be exercised when using multiple sloped walls on a single location. In general a location per sloped wall is more reliable.
  • I use a width of 1” for my custom walls. I find this works well and is easy to modify. Using 2” thick walls and collapsing them together sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t depending on FloorPlan’s internal math calculations (precision anomalies).
  • Draw a room that forms the other dimensions of the sloped wall.
  • Set the height of all walls to the start of the slope. Again see Roof Rules (aka The Way of the Roof) for some simple formulas that may help you.
  • Apply a roof : By default a hip roof is applied
    • If you are doing multiple sloped walls or wish to control the roof thickness then modify the roof object before inserting it.
  • Select the roof segment (there are four) that is at the lower end of the slope and give it the slope desired, Roof Rules (aka The Way of the Roof) contains formulas to assist in this.
  • Select the other roof segments and set then to gable type.
  • Set roof materials as desired.

The wall is now complete. By setting the roof Overhang you can simulate very simple caps for the wall.