Canfield Research Group specializes in developing robust and stable solutions very quickly. A few of the more common problems we are called upon to solve:

  • Need a Content Management System (CMS), an issue tracking and source repository or a custom site? We can offer you a fully configured system ready to go using one of our servers, or build one for you to do whatever you like.
  • We can provide virtual, dedicated or co-located hosting for you and manage the DNS, SSL certificates and other related elements. We custom configure each system to meet your needs and will manage it top to bottom. We migrate the systems for you as demand increases or port the system to your own environment when desired.
  • Securing business from remote attacks (Firewall)
  • Web services: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Postfix, Firewalls, etc.
  • Email with spam filtering and anti-virus capabilities
  • Supplying custom hardware specifications for your business, see technical adviser
  • Providing web and email hosting for our customers on one of our many servers

If you want a custom application we provide the following during development, or we can use your system tools. All our tools are accessed over SSL (https):

  • A sandbox virtual server
  • Bug tracking system
  • Feature/progress tracking
  • Invoice tracking and billing
  • Payment via check, PayPal and credit card
  • A source code repository where you can monitor changes, access the source, code, or download a snapshot. (SSL)

A few of our larger projects