I performed a server update (via Yum on CentOS 5) today and found that SVN viewing via "Redmine":http//www.redmine.org failed. I also received a number of cron-related emails indicating a connection problems.
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The solution for this was trickier than I expected.

As of an update on 2009-05009 I was not able to browse the repository via "Redmine":http://www.redmine.org. The mongrel logs (/var/www/redmine/logs) indicated that there was a problem with the SSL certificate for the repository. Although this was a purchased certificate something in the new SVN/HTTPD update seemed to be different (all used to work fine).

One solution found was to modify the _subversion_adapter.rb_ file to use a directory that
Apache can update and modify. That a href="http://treatmentofmesothelioma.org/mesothelioma.html">mesothelioma solution is fine, but incomplete for me as the directory will still not contain the settings needed by SVN to allow the certificate to be approved. A "FAQ":http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/FAQ entry for Redmine suggested manually executing the _svn_ command using an explicit directory.

That works, except that 'root' is allowed to bypass the SSL issue and is never prompted for certificate approval. I was in root mode to debug things so this took me a while to figure out. What I ended up doing was to use my normal user to fetch initialize SVN settings then change the ownership to my httpd server (apache).

The following are the steps I took, adjust user name and directories as needed:

* As user 'robb' (my normal user)
** The SVN commands must be dones as a normal user. I found that 'root' was allowed to access the repository without seeing the certificate auto insurance quotes validation request. This happened even if I used the _--config-dir_ option OR renamed root's _.subversion_ directory.
* sudo /etc/init.d/mongrel stop
* sudo vim /var/www/redmine/lib/redmine/scm/adapters/subversion_adapter.rb
** Edit the svn command line so that our special directory will be used for SVN configurations
** ORIGINAL: SVN_BIN = "svn"
** NEW: SVN_BIN = "svn--config-dir /var/www/.subversion
* Create a subversion environment
** sudo mkdir /var/www/.subversion
** sudo chown robb.robb /var/www/.subversion
** svn --config-dir /var/www/.subversion log https://{path-to-svn-file}
*** Any file/directory works and 'log' works just as well as check-out for our purposes
*** Approve permanently the certificate. If you do not see a message make sure you are NOT 'root'.
* Execute SVN using this new environment and approve the certificate
** svn --config-dir /var/www/.subversion log https://{path-to-svn-file}
** Make sure the certificate permission is NOT priompted for again. If it is make sure the current user as write permission to the _config-dir_
* Allow my httpd server to access and modify the subversion settings
** sudo chown apache.apache /var/www/.subversion
* sudo /etc/init.d/mongrel start

Everything should work now. Just remember to make the edit to the subversion_adapter.rb file on any updated.

h2. References

* See also: http://www.redmine.org/boards/2/topics/show/723
* See also: http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/FAQ
* See also: http://www.nabble.com/problem-in-running-svn-command-through-php-on-Cent...

h2. To do

It would be nice if there was a subversion config setting that automatically accepted a certificate as that would avoid changing Redmine files. I was not able to find such a setting, although it appears the 'root' svn user bypasses such a check.