Realm of Regalia sells trims and accessories at renascence, science fiction, SCA and other events where people enjoy costuming. Realm hired Canfield Research Group to develop a technology that allows trims, long thin pieces of fabric, to be searched for on line. We developed technology that allows a trim to be scanned and from the scan determine the colors, width and height and add that information to the database. Users can then search for color, range of colors, amount of color, not this color, width, height and other details.

An online shopping cart was also developed that meet Realm’s unique needs. Its major feature is that personnel information such as address, credit card details, etc. are encrypted using asymmetric encryption. The key to recover the data is not located on the server storing the data or any system connected to it. This keeps the information safe even if the database or server was somehow compromised. Why don’t more companies do this?