In general the state of PC based PVRs is a bit immature. These are general oberservation of the core software that PVR’s are built upon, commercial or private. The lack of a CD Player option is very weird. When I or my Lady wishes to play a CD we bought the last thing I am going to do is try and explain to her how to rip it! A drop it in and it plays seems to be the “right way”. The same applies to external media cards from cameras. Should the pictures be extracted and saved to a predetermine dlocation, possible by date? Almost anything is better than doing nothing! I get the feeling that PVRs are made for the uber geek (which some would accuse me of being). That’s all fine and good but when the unit enters the living room it MUST be usable by all members and hopefully even guests. Oh well.

Another more technical observation; why are the plug in development tools so language specific? I am used to open interfaces where what ever language is most applicable can be used; Perl, Python, Ruby, BASH, C++, etc.

Oh well, fodder for another Blog post I suppose.

Windows (acceptable but not preferred):

MediaPortal – Looks to be nice but cannot get it toe work with my Plextors. Feels a bit imature.

GBPVR – Nice, lots of extensions. . Recording FAILS to work porperly, empty MPG file. Has a CDPlayer plugin.

SageTV – One of the best PVRs I found. Works failry well, OK interface, lots of extensions. Lacks a CDPlayer plugin.

BeyondTV – Never tried, it can only stream using WMV and that is unacceptable to me in my mixed PC environment.