I recently had a major problem installing the latest Nvidia drivers from my EVGA 7950 GT. The drivers appeared to install but did not. Uninstalling the Nvidia drivers, a recommended step, did not help. After much Internet searching I successfully installed the drivers. The steps I used were:

  1. Remove the Nvidia drivers via the control panel / Add remove programs
    • Nvidia Display Drivers (or similarly named)
    • OR Nvidia drivers, and select to remove only the display drivers when prompted
    • Boot into safe mode
    • Reboot and press F8 at the magical moment after the BIOS screen and before Windows starts to boot
    • Or if you get really annoyed, just hit the RESET button as Windows is loading, the next boot will prompt for safe mode. Not a recommended method
    • Run an Nvidia driver cleanup program
    • I cannot verify if this was needed. I ran it per advise on numerous forums. You may wish to try skipping this step.
  2. Install the Nvidia driver by running the installer normally (while in Safe mode)
  1. Reboot to normal mode and test

Hopefully that will help