Well I bought a house, finally. The trigger was the very unfortunate death of my landlord. Terry was a great landlord and a good person and his untimely death due to cancer was horrible. His wife notified me that the house had to be liquidated to a trust fund per the will. Since my Lady and I had to move I decided to see if I could qualify for a purchase. Nancy, my new landlady, graciously gave us 4+ months notice.

I started the search at the end of August 2005 for financing. Once I discovered that I qualified Kathy, my lady, and I began the search. I will post details of the search later but for now lets just say it was exhaustive. During this search I was also negotiating for the purchase of the house I was in. After 3 months I had most of the details ironed out, and yes it was VERY tedious. The courts do not fast track such issues.

So the short of it is we do NOT have to move! The bad thing is we have a number of repairs to make as the house was not well maintained, it was a rental for 10+ years. Now that I am the owner it is time to update electrical, roof, etc. Oh, and I have to come up with a LOT more money each month. But I do not have to move, I dislike moving.