A couple of “critical” updates I received on 7/11/2007 failed to install. The update is in regards to .net:

  • KB92836
  • KB92835

The following is the procedure I finally used to fix the problem. It is tedious and I am not alone in being adversely affected by this update. This is not the first time that a Microsoft update has bit me. I may have to turn off updates until they are proven to work. Having systems go down without notification due to a failed update is not acceptable.

  1. You may wish to clone your drive first. This process worked for me but it may not work for you.
  2. Turn OFF automatic updates. You do NOT want them happening while working on this process
    • Control Panel / Automatic Updates : OFF
    • Remove the pending updates. The following assumes Windows was installed into the default location
    • C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download
    • Delete all files in this directory
    • Try to uninstall .net (all versions) via the control panel Add / Remove
    • If that fails, for me it generated a critical error you need to use a special tool
    • This tool is apparently used by MS tech-support to handle these cases
  3. Verify that all .net elements are removed from the Add / Remove panel. FOr me there was still a net 1.1 update.
    • Click on remove and expect it to fail. Hopefully Windows will detect that the update is not available and remove it from the list. If it doesn’t (and it didn’t for me) then a manually registry change is required
      • Start / Run / regedit
      • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
      • Search for keys/values/data with ‘.net’, examine each one found and remove it if appropriate. I removed all found (within the above group). You did make a clone of your system right? If not you might want to export the keys before deleting them.
    • Verify Ad/Remove programs (it has to be restarted) does not show the rogue programs
  4. Update your system, typcially: Start / Programs / Windows Update
    • Select Custom
    • Select Optional
    • Install .NET 1.1 and 2.0 (optional 3.0 if you feel the need, I did)
    • If requested reboot (I did not have to)
    • Re-run the update again to search for updates to .NET (*Custom*)
    • Installed all critical and optional (.NET 3.0 updates)
    • I had to reboot after this update
    • Re-run the update again to search for updates to .NET (*Custom*)
    • only one, a .NET 1.1 security update was presented, selected it
  • That update appears to fail, NET research indicates it is a FALSE update and is already in the .NET 1.1 downloaded above.
  • Re-run MS Update again, Custom, Uncheck “Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 1.1 Service Pack 1 (KB928366)”, and check Don’t show this update again
  1. Re-enable automatic updates (if you wish)
  1. When, for me it was only a minute or so after re-enabling automatic updates, the update disabled above (KB928366) appears, uncheck it, close the dialog and when asked to reminded again uncheck the box.

All done, .net 1.1 and 2.0 (and even 3.0 if you choose that) should be installed with all updates applied.