If your Linux video is playing back with green tints (MPlayer, VLC, Totem, etc) then your XV_HUE settings may have somehow got scrambled. I think mine became scrambled when I updated to Ubuntu 9.10, but I am not sure. I currently run under NVidia drivers.

Before doing anything else, please check your monitor cable, both ends. Make sure the cable is plugged in firmly. If you have a spare cable test that as well. A bad monitor cable can cause all kinds of color and flicker issues.

To see if it is an X-Windows HUE issue try the following and if this works then hues are probably the issue.

mplayer -vo gl video-file-name

To fix:

  • Install xvattr (it should be available in the Ubuntu MediaUnviverse library)
  • Reset HUE from a terminal: xvattr -a XV_HUE -v 0
  • Repeat for each user
  • Test in MPlayer

You could also use gxvattr (Applications / Sound & Video / gxvattr) but I find the command line a simpler option. As far as I know ALL ports are the same, at least on Nvidia. If using gxattr changing the first hu and clicking SET should do the trick.

Things to try if the above fails:

  • I have never had the above fail, so the following are guesses to possible solutions
  • Do the same thing as root using the terminal: sudo xvattr -a XV_HUE -v 0
  • Try using gxvattr (Applications / Sound & Video / gxvattr).
  • If setting one port fails try clicking on each SET button visible. This will vary based on the height of your screen.

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