A dental office is a very complex environment. There is the usual office related activities such as accounting, inventory and personnel. There is also the added activities of x-rays, exams, and security. Computerizing a dental office can be a complex task involving multiple vendors and organizations. Many companies specialize in combing services to make the process easier. Unfortunately none of those companies work for you! Remember that the advise of a salesman, while possible technical correct, is biased towards making a sale.

Canfield Research Group can offer help in this area. First we work to understand how your practice works. We want to know everything from flow of information to flow of people. Do you use an assistant for exams, how are your stations organized, do you need new or modified cabinetry for the computers. All of these questions and more are answered.

We can explain the pros and cons of selecting various intraoral cameras, strategies for implementing digital x-ray systems and how all the software will work together. If you have a questions about a device, let us help you research it to determine how it could, or if it can, improve your business. If you have already selected your vendors we can work with you to make sure the items they are selling you are appropriate for the way you do business. It is not unusual for a dentist to purchase thousands of dollars more hardware/software than they could effectively use.

We are technologists and have a broad range of experience in many areas of technology including computers, optics, image manipulation, networking, etc. Contact is today to learn more about how we can help upgrade or migrate your offices computer systems or answer your other technological questions.

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