The following journal entries describe how I altered my floor locations (floor height, wall height, ceilings, etc.). I have left these notes in chronological order in the hopes they may help others with this issue. See also the following FloorPlan forum post where this was worked out:

- Changes in locations – require redraw?


PROBLEM: After laying out all walls, doors and windows I discovered that my wall heights were not at FloorPlan defaults of 8’. My basement ceiling is at 91” and my main floor is at 92”. I had to adjust all of my walls to compensate.

My first solution was to edit the location data then edit all walls to adjust to these new locations. I even remembered to delete and re-create the ceilings and floors! But now a few doors appeared 5” above the floor (5” is the how much my upper floow dropped). I posted my problem to the floorplan forum and was provided detailed instructions by Jack Zimmer. My method should have also worked so I started to research what was going on. The following thread starts up after Jack’s instructions (which are summarized below).

WOW, thanks for the in depth instructions! I am feeling better because I tried basically what you described except I did weight loss pills not find the need to copy locations. The prolem is that in this case if a door/window is added it still appears at the old offset. For example I moved the lower floor down 5”. All is fine on Floor1 since that floor did not move. BUT Floor2 (after adjusting walls, etc.) places all windows/doors 5” higher than expected, the float off the floor creating a major trip factor for those poor electrons.

[FALSE] Using my old drawing I DELETED the wall then re-drawing it WORKED. I confirmed that the wall re-created had the same settings as the walls I had manually adjusted. It appears FP may have some internal floor snap marker that is NOT modified when a wall is shifted. [NOTE: False, deleting the wall caused floors in the rooms the wall divided to be deleted then re-created. See below.].

Tested his theory by. Values are based on my prior plan where the first floor has 91” ceilings and the second is 92” ceilings (do not ask me why but it is).

- Create a blank building – Draw a rectangle on “Ground floor” – Duplicate it to “Second floor” – Change location “Ground floor” to 91” tall – Change location “Second Floor” to start at 92” and be 104” tall (ceiling and walls). Since ALL walls in my example building are external they start at the top of “Ground” and are +12” tall. At least that is what FP does with external walls. – Used the “Drawing info” tool to remove then add “Ground” ceiling and “Second” floor and ceiling. I REALLY am glad I figured out this tool, it is a life saver for locating rogue components, editing roofs or deleting otherwise hard to select (in 3D view) ceilings/floors. [WARNING: be sure to get ALL floors/ceilings or else you will suffer, see below]. – Added a door to any wall on “Second Floor”.

BLAST, it WORKED! Now I need to go back to my backups and figure out why it worked here and NOT in my drawing. I had to re-trace the old floor to a new floor (not copy) to make it work previously.

SOLUTION: After much experimenting (my drawing with the problem is getting large) I had missed updating the floors in a couple of of rooms (delete/create). When I tried this before I used the 3D view. In 3D is is rather easy to miss small rooms. I reloaded the “bad” file, used “Drawing info” to rebuild ALL rooms and it worked. The specific problem was that the master bath floor was not recreated making the door between the master bed and bath pop up those 5”. This problem could have been avoided had I “copied” locations instead of editing their heights in place. I still would have had ceiling issues, and those can be even harder to spot.

SUMMARY: Follow Jack Zimmer’s instructions in a prior message to this thread.

- Create a new locations COPYING the data from the old location. This automatically sets the floor properly and should set any furniture, etc. as well. Delete the original location by drawing a selection box around the original location and hitting the Delete key.

— Instead of the above you can modify the original location dimensions BUT this will require reseting the height of items and the walls. For small rooms or special cases it may be the simpler method.

- Reset the height of all walls as appropriate. This was painful since I had half walls, and slopes. But for my split level it only took 15 minutes or so and another 5 to locate and correct errors. An expert could probably do this even quicker.

- Using “Drawing Info” tab delete ALL ceilings that moved. You do not usually need to delete the floors if locations were copied. But if locations were adjusted in place the floors must also be recreated. A fast way to do this is to right click on the room name in “Drawing Info”, ‘Edit Properties’ and recreate the floor and/or ceilings. I find this more accurate when there are lots of rooms and the 3D display gets a tad busy.

- You may need to adjust the window/openings by sliding them an inch or so and then back to get FP to snap them into place.

A special thanks to Jack Zimmer for helping me out!