Today I awoke to find GoogleMaps not working reliable on my unlocked Blackberry 8800 via the T-Mobile network. After reading rumors about T-Mobile locking down the APN I decided to switch to This APN becomes accessible only if you have an Internet data plan. And it now works much more reliably, as does streaming FM via MFRadio.

How-To change APN on BlackBerry 8800

  • Options
    • Advanced Options
  • TCP
  • —>

Some things I have learned so far:

  1. BlackBerry accounts support BIS
    • Note that this differs from BES which requires you have your own Blackberry Exchange Server (BES) and Exchange. These can be rented as a combo for under $20 a month if you so desire, I don’t.
    • Software must be coded to use BIS, most Blackberry specific software is, but not all
    • Direct TCP access is not available via BIS
    • For Java applications that do not use BIS and only support TCPIP you will need to subscribe to your mobile carrier’s Internet account
    • Some access is available through the carriers standard WAP interface. Be warned that WAP access for general TCPIP is a fluke and carriers are getting locking this down, more so for me as of(2007-04-24).
    • I have subscribed to a full data account for use via the Palm and Laptops so all I had to do was change my APN and things got much better
    • Summary
    • BIS : Blackberry specific applications, requires a Blackberry service from you Cell provider
    • BES : Blackberry Enterprise Server, requires a subscription like a above and mutually exclusive to BES. You need a corporate back end server of a separate subscription to use this. Most do not need this, I don’t.
  • TCP : Raw TCPIP access, for example Laptop connect, cellular modem, Blackberry Java applications coded to use only TCPIP. Often requires a separate Internet data account depending on you carrier, area, time of day, phase of moon, etc.

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