In general the state of PC based PVRs is a bit immature. These are general oberservation of the core software that PVR’s are built upon, commercial or private. The lack of a CD Player option is very weird. When I or my Lady wishes to play a CD we bought the last thing I am going to do is try and explain to her how to rip it! A drop it in and it plays seems to be the “right way”. The same applies to external media cards from cameras. Should the pictures be extracted and saved to a predetermine dlocation, possible by date? Almost anything is better than doing nothing! ... Click to read more

I love the idea of the Google Toolbar, especially the spell checker. But I had to wonder how it worked. Its not rocket science but it is a nice implantation of client/server code. The idea is that text is sent to Google via XML and returned to the toolbar via XML. For a moderately fast connection this is all very nice and can be extended to multiple operating systems easily.

The problem is that the text is sent clear-text to an organization that is not under the author’s control. ... Click to read more