I have chosen Chief Architect as my design tool for my Father’s remodeling business. It beat out the other major competor VectorWorks. Chief Architect can do residential and interior design far faster and easier than VectorWorks can and residential design is what this evaluation was based on.

I personally prefer VectorWorks because it is a more of a platform. Eventually I, or others, could fill in all the holes I mention in my VectorWork review and it would be far supior to anything I have found on the market today. ... Click to read more

Chief Architect version 10 Findings

I have purchased a copy of Chief Architect 10.0 Enterprise. This version costs about $2,300 and comes with the CAD, renderor and a huge number of video training guides. My goal is to learn enough about home design to assist my father who is a general contractor specializing in small remodels.

Currently the remodel plans are done by hand and he would like to make the process easier and provide more capabilities such as 3D views for design purposes. Unfortunatly I am not a draftsman or architect. ... Click to read more