My XM Radio (in my GPS) died a number of weeks ago. I kept thinking of getting it fixed but all the GPS units I am looking at use FM/Cellular for traffic reports and paying for radio only just didn’t make a lot of sense for someone who drives 7-10K miles a year, I do have an MP3 player after all. Traffic updates on a GPS on the other hand are a nice luxury I enjoy in my traffic riddled area.

I went to to press the big-red CANCEL button, but no such button could be found. The FAQ online indicates how to cancel but the directions did not reveal a magic link to me. ... Click to read more

I added JungleDisk (my current favorite) to the brief synopsis of backup software. I highly recommend JungleDisk, especially for Linux users. Another excellent Linux backup solution is They support numerous Linux (as well as other) solutions and have some of the best customer support I have encountered. Unfortunately for by 400 GB backup sets the price becomes a little high.

For those in a Windows environment take a look at DataDepositBox. There software is a breeze to use and managing multiple accounts painless. ... Click to read more