How FloorPlan operates.

  • Locations
    • See also Locations and Changing locations
    • Locations define the geometric plane that all work occurs on. A two story house usually has two locations, a Ground Floor and a Second Floor. The first location defaults to 0” off the ground and 8’ tall. The second location is at 9’ and 8’ tall. Each floor is usually 12” above the floor below it to provide room for the flooring.
  • Locations provide defaults but they are not dynamic. When items are placed on a location they take on the default attributes of that location.
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I wanted to show the concrete foundation on my design. This would provide a reminder of where my basement had concrete walls so I would not place electrical, plumbing or other objects at those locations. There are numerous steps in the foundation complicating the design.

I knew I needed two locations both at 0” above the ground to be able to show the concrete and the siding walls. My first attempt was to draw the foundation setting the height for each wall. The easiest way to do this is draw the perimeter then use invisible lines to bisect the walls. ... Click to read more