WARNING : This is an initial draft and needs a serious proofreading and edit. It is being posted in the hopes it is useful in its current state. Later edits will hopefully correct these issues. This document is just a starting point, there are still many roof tricks that could be added.


FloorPlan roofs are a very powerful tool for overcoming many floor plan limitations. They can be used to create sloped walls, reverse soffits and other objects that need to angle in the z axis. ... Click to read more

Updated to reflect how walls snap differ from other objects

Getting FloorPlan to snap to a grid is a bit tricky. To make matters worse sometimes the grid appears to change makng it very hard to align new walls with old especially between locations. Making matters even worse is that FloorPlan will automatically adjust wall lengths as the move up against each other, sometimes merging walls is very strange ways.

Try creating a wall 10’ long. The create another wall 2’ above that one that is 5’. Now move the first wall to the other side of the second one. ... Click to read more