Every doorway and window (except invisible windows) will have a trim that wraps around them. This trim is controlled by the each wall face the object is in. If the object lacks its own trim the each wall face will extend the trim into the width of the wall by 50%. There is no way to disable wall trim on doors and windows (except invisible windows) but the trim can be made invisible on a per wall face basis. ... Click to read more

  • Optional: Force the wall to segment around the door/window. Do this by adding invisible lines to the wall, wherever the invisible lines intersect the wall a separate segment is made.

Only interior walls of a room (see Walls, rooms, floors, ceilings) can have baseboards and even then baseboards cannot wrap around an entryway. There are a couple of easy ways to create a custom baseboard object. I feel the last method presented is probably the most flexible, reliable and best able to work when a new version of FloorPlan is released.

In this discussion Base wall refers to the wall that will have the custom baseboard applied to it.

Custom 3DS object

It is possible to create a baseboard by using a simple custom 3DS object (like a block). ... Click to read more