Goal: Cut a hole in a wall that is 33“x80” and has no trim but has a baseboard that wraps around the doorway. In my case this is the entry to an existing kitchen. The doorway criteria are:

  • An entry 33” wide and 80” tall
  • The entry is sheet rocked (no trim)
  • There is a baseboard that runs around the entryway
  • The kitchen floor includes the entryway area

I tried a number of methods before I deduced the “best” way to handle this. Failures can instruct as much as successes can so here are my failures:

|_. Method|_. Image|_. Description|_. ... Click to read more

By default FloorPlan uses 1/2 the threshold of a door way for one room and 1/2 for the other. Sometimes a split in the middle of the threshold is not desired for flooring. The easiest way to resolve this is to cover this area with another floor. ... Click to read more

  • Create a new location that has the same Floor Level as the current location
  • Using invisible walls draw a very small room that encompasses the threshold area of the doorway (or as much of it as you desire).
  • Click on this room and set the floor height to 1/32”.