The following journal entries describe how I altered my floor locations (floor height, wall height, ceilings, etc.). I have left these notes in chronological order in the hopes they may help others with this issue. See also the following FloorPlan forum post where this was worked out:

- Changes in locations – require redraw?


PROBLEM: After laying out all walls, doors and windows I discovered that my wall heights were not at FloorPlan defaults of 8’. ... Click to read more

FloorPlan does not an angled wall to be directly created. One can be simulated by using the roof tool. This page summarizes how to create an sloped wall, for a full discussion see Roof Rules (aka The Way of the Roof).

See also page 95-97 of Mastering FloorPlan v8.2 available from for an similar method. ... Click to read more

  • While multiple sloped walls can often be created per location and even created on the same location as other walls I do not recommend it.