Errors and solutions, often expressed as the error mesage in the subject and the solution in the body.

A couple of “critical” updates I received on 7/11/2007 failed to install. The update is in regards to .net:

  • KB92836
  • KB92835

The following is the procedure I finally used to fix the problem. It is tedious and I am not alone in being adversely affected by this update. This is not the first time that a Microsoft update has bit me. I may have to turn off updates until they are proven to work. Having systems go down without notification due to a failed update is not acceptable. ... Click to read more

  1. You may wish to clone your drive first.

I recently had a major problem installing the latest Nvidia drivers from my EVGA 7950 GT. The drivers appeared to install but did not. Uninstalling the Nvidia drivers, a recommended step, did not help. After much Internet searching I successfully installed the drivers. ... Click to read more