Quicktime seemed to have gotten very confused on my XP box. It seemed to be only partially installed and would not work nor uninstall. The uninstall failed trying to locate a file in my personal temp directory (which had been cleaned). CCleaner failed to remove it and instead generated an MSI Installer error. The solution was to download and install MS Installer Cleanup utility. Run it and select Quicktime. Then re-install QuickTime.

It appears that OpenVZ and CentOS can have some issues regarding udev. After installing the “Development tools” yum package I found myself unable to do anything in the container. It generated an error on ssh, vzctl enter,etc.

Unable to open pty: No such file or directory

There are numerous posts on fixing the problem. most remove the udev package but that can be problematic as some packages (ImageMagick for example) seem to require udev. For those packages it seems best to leave udev present but disabled. ... Click to read more