If you get the following errors while trying to mount a Windows XP volume on Linux then some registry work on the XP box might resolve it.

  • Via mount -t cifs
    • mount error 12 = Cannot allocate memory
    • Via smbclient

It’s the cifs message that is confusing. It sounds like the memory problem is on the Linux side but that is not the case. It is a problem on the Windows side. The smbclient program returns a more useful error. Examine the Event Viewer system log and you will probably see some srv related errors. ... Click to read more

SageTV is a very powerful system, but it can be difficult to catch up to the advanced users sometimes. The most powerful functions are often in plugins or XMl files.

I wanted to create an area for videos and ripped DVDs that was protected with a password or other mechanism. The stock SageTv comes with parental Controls but these have numerous limitations: ... Click to read more

  • Apply only to recordings or imported elements with a rating.