Canfield Research Group LLC (CRG) is a software research and development company. Our projects are as varied as our clients and often require skills across multiple disciplines. We often work under strict non-disclosure agreements for startup companies or startup business units.

Please contact us to discuss your design or idea.

Some of the technologies we have developed and deployed:

  • All projects are maintained in our ticket tracking system and source code repositories
  • CRG has its own server farm to host your project for development, quality assurance and production if you choose. We can host out of multiple data centers.
  • Experience with embedded system-like development including custom code bases, custom repositories, auto-update, etc.
  • Web based billing and tracking system for large and complex environments (Such as a Port). Included migration and consolidation of data accumulated across multiple database systems over many years. Supports complex tariff calculations and complex auto-formatted PDF reports (via Latex).
  • REST and AJAX based coding to support distributed servers working together. Including Amazon Web Services.
  • Conversion of sounds across multiple formats (transcode) using batch or individual uploads.
  • Experience with DICOM and other medical systems. Familiar with HIPAA technical issues.
  • Security of web based assets for subscription based systems. Including subscription counts, role based and time based.
  • Payment integration to PayPal, credit card processors (custom) and others.
  • Color matching against complex images including colors near and colors not near user selected colors.
  • Web site/server optimization to gain the most from your Linux based web servers. Improvements of 5-10x are not uncommon with some tuning to Apache, Linux. SQL and the application layer.
  • Operating system and Application layer security for operating in hostile environments
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) automation and tracking software
  • Custom modules and theme development for the Drupal Content Management System (CMS)